Anti-Socialist Tendencies

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"How is the what doing? Excuse me, could you please repeat that? The what? The... b-blog? Blog?... ummm... Oh yeeeaah, THE BLOG!!! I dimly remember that thing now..."

Yes, whatever random visitor may still be showing up here, the sad truth is that real life has intruded yet again upon my blogging. I have no idea when I will be able to take it up seriously again. I do intend to keep it going, however, as a personal repository for interesting links if nothing else. And perhaps at some point I will try to provide original content again as well.

To be honest, for some time I've been a little burned out over the blogosphere. Part of the reason is that I've grown weary of this election -- everything that has to be said has been said by now, almost everyone has been long decided on the candidates, and I just wish we could vote now and move on with whatever the outcome ends up being. Not that this election isn't important -- hardly -- but I'm just tired of constantly thinking, reading, and talking about it.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is how the nature of the blogosphere has changed. When I started this blog over two years ago, the blogosphere was still small enough that it felt like a close-knit community, and a place where even mediocre writers like myself could still get a regular readership. Now that it has exploded into this sprawling leviathan, most of us are lost in the crowd. The very positive effect of this growth has been that more and more excellent writers are being brought into it -- which I've certainly been enriched by -- but this does work to lessen my personal interest in devoting significant amounts of my time to blogging.

Anyway, take this as a notice that I'm still kicking and should be posting items here every once in a while.